Book Rental Scheme

To defray the cost of textbooks on students and their families, Abbey Community College has implemented a book rental scheme. Outlined below are the conditions under which the scheme operates.

The book lending scheme for 2015-’16 operates as follows:

  • The scheme is optional but available to all students.

  • The cost of the Book Rental scheme is 70 euro per student per year.

  • Textbooks only are covered by the scheme. Workbooks, reference books, exam papers etc. are not included.

  • Books must be returned at the end of the year or if a student leaves during the year, the books must be returned at that time.

  • Students must cover all books

  • Books must be returned on a designated day at the end of the school year.

  • The books remain the property of Abbey Community College at all times.

If books show wear and tear over and above that of normal use, students must pay an additional tariff. If a book is lost, the book must be replaced by the student.


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