Green Schools

Raising a Second Green Flag!

Huge congratulations to the students and staff of Abbey Community College who have achieved a second green flag for their continued efforts towards the environment. Over the past two years, the student led committee and TY Environmental Studies students have been making the school community aware of energy conservation and recycling. This is a massive achievement for all involved and again shows the school's commitment to local and global environmental issues.

 Our Green School Code

"Its a War we can win it if we put it in the Right bin"

 ECO Dens- Young Environmentalist Regional Finals

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to our Transition Year Environmental Studies students who were chosen to present their projects to a panel of judges at the ECO-UNESCO ECO Dens at the Lifetime Lab, Cork. Well done to Steven Walsh - "Operation Conservation", 'The Great Wall of Green' team and 'Wear your Waste' group for their excellent presentations. Fingers crossed for three places at the National finals in the RDS!

 TY Environmental Studies

This year has seen the introduction of an Environmental Studies module for Transition Year students. As part of this module, students choose an environmental issue within the school that they feel they can improve.

Our ‘Wear your Waste’ group chose to tackle the issue of recycling and raise awareness of how waste can be reused. The group decided on two themes for this project: Charity and Creativity. For charity, the group contacted ‘Sean Bróga’ – the Irish shoe recycling company and organised an old shoe collection for students and staff. Over 200 pairs of shoes were collected and prevented from going to landfill. These shoes would go onto provide urgently needed footwear for people in the developing world. For the creative aspect of the project, students designed and crafted outfits made entirely from school waste. A fashion show was organised to showcase their creations. Both aspects of the project were highly publicised using social media, the school website and the local newspaper. 


 Use of Bins

1.Compost Bin : All raw and cooked food, vegetable peelings, crushed egg shells, tea bags and coffee, Vacuum Cleaner dust, Egg Boxes, Kitchen Paper, Wrapping Paper, toilet roll spindles, Tissues.

2. Dry Mixed Recycling : Paper, Tin Foil, Cling film, Plastic bottles/forks, Yoghurt Cartons, Drink cans, Foil tins, Crisp bags, Bun cases, Chocolate wrappers, Paper bags.

3. General Waste : One off items e.g. Broken Staplers.

 The Great Wall of Green

"The Great Wall of Green" was another creative and innovative project carried out by the TY Environmental Studies group to raise awareness of the on-going work carried out by the Green Schools committee. The unique project was based on current litter and waste recycling practices established in Abbey Community College. The impressive large scale feature wall aimed to continue to remind, motivate and encourage the whole school community to continue to reduce, reuse and recycle, and this message was translated through the use of recyclable materials in the formation of an entire ceiling to floor 'green' wall. 

 More Green Shcool Awareness

More 'awareness' work was carried out by Steven Walsh in relation to our Energy theme as part of the TY programme. He designed our new school green code for the energy theme 'It's a war we can fight if we turn off the light'. His code and design were then implemented throughout the school in numerous ways; a large 6 x 9ft banner was printed professionally which is now on display in the GPA, all computer desktops in the computer rooms were changed to display the new code and artwork on the monitors and, various posters were dispersed around the building.


 Sustainable Living Workshop

On the 24th March 2014, 28 students from 2nd, 3rd, TY and 5th year travelled to the Susliving Demonstration Centre, Kingsriver in Kilkenny to experience three different workshops on how to live sustainably. The demonstrations were were related to Biodiversity, Renewable Energy and Green Building. All students enjoyed the trip and feel they benefited from it. A follow up workshop will follow in school as part of our Action Day for 2014.

A blog report of our trip written by Colm Fleming, John Mulcair and Matthew Sheehan can be found at

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